Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Apparently according to todays estate agents and property developers you can never have enough bathrooms. The arms race in cleanliness seems to demand that bathrooms in some houses outnumber bedrooms,I disagree so fewer but perhaps better appointed will be the order of the day. I like a nice long soak with a good book at hand and I think the room above will do rather nicely....that is if I can get the old bath out as it seems to weigh a bloody ton.


Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Whats wrong with that good ol' fashioned bath. It's true about the read in the bath, in fact if it wasn't for the bed,bath n' bog we'd do no reading at all. I have to admit my reading has been reduced as reading in the shower isn't to be recommended, i know from bitter soggy experiance. The other thing i miss showering, is you can't 'make bubbles!'

James Higham said...

Nice tub - is it meant to match the decor?

Thud said... interesting shade of sickly green!