Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Heartless liars.

The left, both in America and Britain have the same problem when it comes to the war in Afghanistan....they both embrace the idea and realities of defeat at the first opportunity. The modern Democratic and Labour parties are both at heart anti military and have hold a deep seated dislike of the military and its supporters. Obama dithers daily about sending much needed reinforcements to Afghanistan and meanwhile soldiers die. In Britain what passes for our defence minister is torn between his duty and his natural empathy for all things pro 'peace'.So here a deserter is allowed to parade his pet theories on the streets of London whilst his comrades fight in his place. The usual tripe about illegal war is trotted out even though it is an established fact that our army serves and does not question its orders......tradition and honour being alien concepts to those of the left.Britain's defence minister will now have to pretend that he understands and believes in the military necessity for discipline and reluctantly make a token attempt at seeming to be a believer in our nations fighting forces,much like Obama is going to have to face up to the responsibilities as commander in chief...a tad harder than being a community activist methinks!


Candle said...

Chamberlain and many others have proved time and again that pacifism and peaceful intentions will get you destroyed utterly. Right now some half-wit somali pirates are holding an old couple hostage off the horn of Africa - because they felt safe to do so. Liberals make them feel this safety. With every outrage we let our enemies get away with, it will put more and more of us in danger.

James Higham said...

Can't argue with that.