Saturday, 3 October 2009

It's off we go.

Family OTW are upping sticks again and leaving this morning to spend a few months at our home in California....grape harvest,christening,Halloween,thanksgiving and Christmas await plus time with my wonderful expat family. This time things are a little different as the combination of leaving work I'm enjoying immensely,two babies to contend with and missing an awesome English autumn make me a little less happy at the thought of the Bay area than usual...mind you, sun, Vinogirls wine and La Serrenissima's cottage pie await!...see you later Liverpool.


Trubes said...

Bon Voyage Dear Thud and Family.
I look forward to reading your news from California.
Please say a hello to Vinogirl from moi.
Have a wonderful time.


Putz said...

be sure to stop by american fork and see the ole putz

Philipa said...

It's a hard life but someone's got to do it. Hope you all have fun together :-)

Candle said...

Wow this was a beautiful song. Wonderful voice, really really nice. Sorry you have to come back here... Wish I was in Liverpool.

If you visit Putz, bonk him on the head for me :) Just kidding.

Vinogirl said...

Hello Trubes, Thud did pass on your hello :)

Thud said...

Candle...we do love a good sing song here in Liverpool.