Sunday, 18 October 2009

More nonsense.

I know all about military discipline and its roll in making an army more than a mob of armed individuals, but I feel strongly that in this case we are yet again contributing to our own defeat. The Taliban in question a 'high value target' knew quite well that after holding his tongue in questioning by our forces,that release by the Afghan authorities would soon follow and then perhaps more of our soldiers would fall victim to Taliban attacks. Should such a valuable asset such as a special forces soldier of such experience and linguistic talent be punished for the damaged sensitivities of a murdering piece of filth...some would say yes....from me, a resounding no!


lorraine said...

He threatened?? Oh for pete's sake - give me a break - mental torture?? - oh for bleeding hearts - cut the guy some slack Britain - these guys have seen some shit - I'd threaten to kill the guy my self. I agree with you Thud - welcome to my Golden state. I'm north of you - inland. Take care. lorraine

L8 Teener said...

Funny shit. Threaten to kill joker should of killed him would of been 1 less and no compliants.

DirtCrashr said...

An empty threat is a waste of air, and considering it abuse... is abuse of self - a whole 'nother kinda Hairy Palmer moment. The abuse-caller/directive should be stricken down, hard, with a lead pipe.

Catmoves said...

"...he could expect to receive a custodial sentence."
Lemme see, "custodial sentence." Oh, geeze. Why not just throw the guy in jail (gaol)?
I know we really should have rules about warfare, however. After all, we don't want to hurt the barstids who just maimed our children, do we? I mean, scaring the piss out of them will never do, old chap.
Suggestion from a Yank: promise, when the "suspect" dies, that you will personally bury him the skin of a pig and hide his body where it will never be found.
It's difficult to be kind to someone who is responsible for deliberatly destroying women and children, no matter what the fu*kin' Geneva Comvention says.

electro-kevin said...

It was called a chat without coffee.

The Brits treat each other like this on excercise. They also get the stress position treatment too.