Thursday, 22 October 2009

Oh the agony.

Usually any campaign led by celebrities and musicians has me instantly wanting to support whatever they waffle on against in their usual pained self righteous manner This campaign has however my full backing and heartfelt hope that it can be extended to most of the worlds citizens.In the article Tom Morrello of 'rage against the machine' is sickened by the effect his music has on people, such honesty is commendable...I can only say "yes Tom,the pain is truly indescribable"Given the output of most contemporary rock,pop and rap musicians I can only dream of a world in which innocent individuals can go about their business without the relentless assault of what is cruelly referred to as music.Can you imagine a trip to the shops,cinema or any outdoor public event and not being subjected to the over amplified sub nursery rhyme mess that masquerades as music today...bliss! So please join me in the campaign and loudly shout out (in the spirit of things here) "end music torture, end music torture now!"


Candle said...

HEHE :) Very nice Thudd, and well done. I will join you!

DirtCrashr said...

Actual Music Torture: 1981. Phil Collins on every damn radio station, and the same damn song every damn twenty minutes, for month after month after month, "feel it coming" - a large turd in the air tonight. HE should be in Guantanamo.