Friday, 27 November 2009

Chrstmas tipple 2

Now that the hurly burly of thanksgiving has passed (black friday excepted) all thoughts are turning to Christmas and I am turning to drink. Sierra Nevada celebration ale shown in the pic ready stacked for the thirsty reveler, is a brew that many unknowing Brits would never associate with American tastes. It is a strong heavily hopped brew with just enough seasonal spices to make it distinctive, a far cry from the bland anonymity of Budweiser and other more popular brews. I am not sure what my beer choice will be in England this year but out here I am more than ready to embark on the season of goodwill...cheers folks.


Vinogirl said...

Count me in!

monkey said...

i love a good brew, throw a couple in the case for me

DirtCrashr said...

Cheers! I had a nice Kona Brewing Company porter on the Big Island last week - actually, had more than a few! :-)