Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lost opportunity.

When the Taliban regime was overthrown by the western backed northern Alliance I was proud of the contribution of British and American special forces. Together with overwhelming airpower, a limited number of western soldiers helped sweep the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies into the margins of that desolate patch of dirt known as Afghanistan. An opportunity was lost in not confirming the death of Bin Laden but all in all the sanctuary afforded Islamic terrorists was disrupted if not destroyed. Instead however of withdrawing and only maintaining enough presence to destroy any emerging threats we decided to spend blood and treasure (in increasing amounts) on the thankless task of 'nation building' Here we see the result, removing armour to show trust...there is no trust just varying degrees of murderous hostility. I once thought that perhaps the people of Afghanistan wanted what we all want,peace,security and a roof over ones head. Instead I now believe that some societies whether for tribal or religious reasons are doomed to remain mired in a state of barbaric chaos and who indeed are we to deny them that dubious pleasure? Comments from Labour politicians such as this merely confirm my opinion that we no longer have a definite achievable goal in Afghanistan.We won the original fight and leaving forces in place to decapitate any nascent Taliban regime should now be our aim, time perhaps for both British and American forces to come home and focus on potential foes of tomorrow...Afghanistan can return to the bloody obscurity it deserves.


monkey said...

As the saying goes you can polish a turd but you cant make it shine. its disgrace that we have to loose our heroes in such a clean up. time to come home and leave the shit in its own mess.

Trubes said...

The whole situation is a mess.
Whilst the vainglorious Blair, who initiated this bloodbath, is swanning around the world lining his pockets and having 24/7 protection,
Our brave troops are getting picked out on a daily basis.

We should bring our troops home NOW and use them to protect OUR borders not to protect the Afghan people.
We will never wipe out the Taliban unless we bomb them to smitherines...and that just isn't going to happen!

They are entrenched in their own ancient tribal warfare and hostility, anybody who opposes them will be systematically slaughtered, when, and wherever possible.

Let them slaughter each other until they self combust...
Who needs them, we certainly don't!


Thud said...

Trubes...Hear Hear!

James Higham said...

Of course there's no achievable goal in that country - the Russians could have told us that.

Charlie said...

One of the 5 who died yesterday was a TA lad from Birkenhead he worked in Bromborough,that's 3 from Wirral this year,what a sad waste of life.

electro-kevin said...

The mistake is that Islamic terrorism is amorphous and has inumerable sanctuaries. A many headed hydra.

The justification for fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan on the grounds that it saves fighting them on our own streets is a blatant lie.

Trubes said...

I totally agree with you Kevin.

The UK is heaving with Islamic fanatics, they don't need to go to Afghanistan to train in their murderous warfare, they can train right here in The Lake District or a similar place;
Also, via the Internet!

Typical politcal balderdash, in saying that, 'it saves fighting them on our own streets'.

Why can't they just admit that they got it horribly wrong and we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, on a whopping great lie by Tony Blair, which was endorsed by Gordon Brown, and most of the NULAB SHEEP!
Thus, when Blair lied to Parliament, he, tragically, was believed by most of the Opposition Parties.


DirtCrashr said...

Since you've got heaps of them already, and they're protected by "hate speech" laws even when the hate-speech is theirs - you WILL have to fight them on the High Street.
Over here we'd like to keep away from that, but even ours spontaneously erupt in Freelance Jihad every now and then - note the sad shooting at Fort Hood. Even more sadly yet the Army "protects" itself by enforcing a killing zone among it's own, a gun-free environment where only those with bad intent go armed.

Putz said...

i so agree, how is it that we can agree on anything at all thud....a puzzelment