Monday, 30 November 2009

Smells good

I am due to help out at vinogirls place this week, log splitting and bottling,both enjoyable and rewarding jobs. It is a bit strange however to my British eyes to see overhead the ever present silhouettes of vultures endlessly circling and watching. Being brought up watching cowboy films I associate the rather nasty looking creatures with death and they know something I don't? and should I be worried?


Vinogirl said...

You're in good company...the Vinodogs are always a bit perturbed with them flying overhead!

DirtCrashr said...

We have them in Silicon Valley, I guess they live off the roadkill from bad drivers. :-)

BobG said...

They also eat small animals, like all raptors. They have a tendency to get above humans regard us as beaters who sometimes spook out rodents and such that they then go after. Around here if you go out walking around in the sagebrush you will find some circling above you to see if you scare out some rabbits and such.