Tuesday, 3 November 2009


It looks like Russia has shown yet again just what it thinks of Obama and his resetting of the U.S./Russian relationship and rather quickly too. Obama and his deluded followers may believe in the power of endless windbaggery (if not a word it should be) whilst the Russians,Iranians etc care only about force and its application, not Obama's posturing and pontificating.At some time in the near future people are going to die,all because Obama wants to show the world just how different he plans America to be from that of its past incarnation...different and ignored it seems.


Candle said...

I wish you weren't right. But you're right. Sh**.

DirtCrashr said...

Obama is proving his fecklessness, he treats foreign policy as if he were global-community organizing - a task at which he was surprisingly unsuccessful in the actual community.