Saturday, 6 March 2010

final push

I spent today with fellow blogger and future Brother in law 'monkey', planting Hawthorn to pad out gaps in existing hedges and to extend some a little further. It was a fine day to be out planting but by 4.30 energy levels were flagging so after a spot of wood chopping we retired indoors for a stiff restorative. Tomorrow is my first day off in 56 days and so after a trip to my new local church it is off over to Liverpool for dim sum with the family....I do love crispy duck!


Scrobs... said...

56 days!

Stiff restorative well-earned!


Trubes said...

Oooh... you get to go to my favourite Chinese Thud...Tai Pan?
I'm extremely jealous as I'm confined to barracks re back problems.
I hope you enjoyed the crispy Duck!
56 days is a long time to work without a break, take care.

Thud said...

Trubes...Tai pan it is! re your back probs, I hope you are up and if not running soon at least getting around.

monkey said...

A hearty meal is needed fo us gardening folk, keep them church visits up and it may keep those bunnies away.

Trubes said...

Thud. I'm afraid I'm just about, 'up and staggering around', on a diet of horrid pain killers.
However, our local take-away does quite a good crispy duck, but not a patch on the Tai Pan...


Trubes said...

Why don't you have a blog site...You must be a'fun guy' if you're a mate of Thud's!


Vinogirl said...

Plant a crispy duck tree! I'll help harvest when I am next over :)

Thud said...

We have a pair of resident mallards,Princess OTW would be most unhappy if I crisp them up.