Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Very dry walls.

Due to a shortage of easily worked stone, the houses in the Napa valley use very little stone in their construction. The stone that is used can usually be found in the construction of river rock and field stone chimney breasts, a rather American bit of home construction with a Rather dated 70's look. There are however some pleasing examples of stone usage to be found out and about in the surrounding fields and vineyards, The drystone wall shown is one of many in the area lining roads and defining property boundaries. To a British eye they are of rather crude construction but given the type and shape of available stone they do a more than passing job. After a few years weathering and the inevitable (even here) lichen growth the walls take on aged appearance that belies their relative youth...and as a pleasing aside, lizards love them.


Scrobs... said...

I watched a pro drystone waller once, and marvelled at the skill he had. At least you can repair it and after a few months everything looks the same again!

Down in Kent, they seem to stick to wire fences and hedges sadly.

Vinogirl said...

Extra lizard habitat is a good thing.

James Higham said...

Almost like Yorkshire.