Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Big surprise

Last night the BBC (to many peoples surprise) discovered the widespread teaching in England of a virulent strain of militant Islam in Saudi sponsored schools...is this supposed to be news? I suppose I should be happy at any victory against those that work to destroy us from within our liberal society, but I just feel that our society,media and government still doesn't understand the magnitude of the task we face. Saudi money coupled with a poisonous ideology is a dangerous combination and it will take all our resources and much pain to defeat it.....does anybody think we will get tough with the oil rich, women, gay and freedom hating Saudis?


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I suppose I should be happy at any victory"

I don't see how this is a victory.

A few years ago I sailed along the Black Sea coast of Turkey (the north side, not the touristy south and west) and every tiny village, even the tiniest, had a spanking great brand-new mosque - all paid for with Saudi money.

Moderates to a man, of course, oh yes.

How they must despise our weakness and cringing.

Thud said...

WY...moderates indeed! anyway for the next month sod em, eat drink and be merry.

monkey said...

indeed eat drink and be merry

Albert said...

If you want to understand a people go and live amongst them,you will find them a very shy people. until they leave Saudi airspace and the pilot announces they have entered Egyptian airspace,then the transformation is complete when the butterfly emerges from it's black chrysalis after spending a bit of time in the plane toilets.
Their religion is 1400 years old and the instruction book is issue 0.01 and so are their attitudes to life and how their religion tells them to behave,basically we stamp on them before they stamp on us,they understand that,we keep going the way we are and to them we are weak,corrupt,evil kuffars and deserve to be enslaved or killed,don't under estimate these peoples intelligence you do at your own peril.
Suddenly Liebour Broadcasting Co show a documentary on Saudi school books,why now ?,why not in the last 13 years when immigration was at it's highest,what is the BBC up to,that I think is the thing that we should be asking.

WV : mispunit,mmm did I

Electro-Kevin said...

We're soft and bloated and we're ripe for the taking.

I don't know how they manage to play the victim so well whilst being the aggressor.