Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Well done.

Congratulations it seems are due to the people of America, well the right thinking half at least. The creeping tide of state authoritarianism under Obama has finally been turned with last nights sound and historic thrashing at the polls. Across America time serving corruptocrats were turned out on their arses by a crop of new bloods determined to limit and reverse the growing power of the federal govt. My adopted nation yet again proved just how powerful the people can be when compared to our own cheated British public...just when will we get people who truly represent us? One sour note however was sounded by the triumph of the Democrats in my adopted home state of California with the election of Governor moonbeam himself along with the usual suspects. California seems locked into a downward spiral of bankruptcy and decay as the grip of the unions and leftist activists increases....nice weather though.


DirtCrashr said...
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DirtCrashr said...

If the State continues to sink under red-ink then Democrats get to own that - but Prop 20 passed and that means we may finally, since the Democrat gerrymander of 1961 and 1981, get "real" districts where votes count for something instead of the protected enclaves that keep reelecting these idiots and losers.
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monkey said...

could this be bye bye Obomber?? i hope so then maybe people in this country will stop buying t shirts with is face on and doing shitty art paintings of him like hes some sort of chosen one. dickhead grrrr