Monday, 28 February 2011

Messy Monday

After a weekend of working in wind and rain I decided to treat myself to a slightly warmer and dryer workplace today. As can be seen from the picture I really need to get a bit of tidying up done first as a messy workplace is inefficient, dangerous and not a cheering place to start the week off in. This weeks work will comprise mostly of painting and varnishing as we try to sign off on one part of the house with the rest to follow in the next seven weeks....fat chance.


Tim Leatherbarrow said...

HI Thudmeister
Hope alls well, liked your bit about the cathedrals a while back. Do you still require my services ,i sent some e-mails ,but i dont know if you got'em. As you are ussually quick to reply.

The Old Tarf said...

the posts and trim looks great. Agree about a messy work place it is hard to get motivated to do things.

Around our place it seems to be organized chaos which wins out. Best of luck with the renovations.

Scrobs... said...

Totally agree about the clean work place Thudders!

Nothing worse than shavings blowing onto fresh varnish...