Saturday, 19 February 2011

Run rabbit run

As the British government gets to grips with reducing the national deficit it faces a long slog, fighting the various bodies that rely upon government funding for survival. The public en masse have had to tighten their belts as we face the climb out of the financial pit the last socialist clowns left us in. On a smaller scale the Governor of Wisconsin has now also decided to tackle the crisis his state has been left in by ...yes...more socialist (Democratic) bungling.Being America though the issue has quickly gained momentum and the resulting furore is a sight to behold. The now minority Democratic politicians have in a cowardly action fled the state and gone into hiding so as to avoid an important vote, whilst labour union thugs foment trouble on the streets. I do hope the Governor sticks to his guns and America can roll back the tide of leftist state spending that threatens to destroy American enterprise for a generation....we are all in this together.


Vinogirl said...

Vinomaker is watching with some interest.

Anonymous said...

Thud my friend ... "labour union thugs foment troubles on the street"? .... have you used the same language about TeaParty protests?

Also how about Police and Firefighter's unions? You know that the good Governor in Wisconsin is exempting them from his union busting attempts?

How about the big budget deficits in CA following a Republican Governor? How about the huge deficit in Texas?

See it's quite easy to see through your partisan BS my friend Thud...... If you want credibility you need to be a little more educated than just parroting some loud mouth hacks.

Thud said...

Anon...tea partiers are the least troublesome protestors I can think of unlike the union thugs (watch beatings on youtube).
Schwarzenneger a republican?....not realy and even if he was, his battle against unions and an entrenched dem machine was doomed from the start. As for parroting...from a liberal who no doubt spouts the usual lefty shit of the last 50 years I do salute your deranged sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

My friend Thud ...

First there is as much TeaPartiers with gun and anger on youtube as union violence, thus youtube is not the arbitrator. If you are troubled by union members voicing their anger in protest you had to be troubled by TeaPartiers voicing their anger.

You had no answer why Police and Firefighter's union should be exempt from the law change in Wisconsin denying them collective bargening rights.

Schwarzenegger is a Republican. If he didn't have the support of the Republican Party he would not have survived the primaries for his second term. He was the toast of the town at W's convention. So don't try to ditch him now. Deal with it.

It is so easy to parrot your right wing shit on a blog. How about trying to use your brain and make some real contributions?

I do however enjoy reading your construction related stuff.

Thud said...

Anon...people expect civic responsibility from firefighters etc and not the usual union bullshit.
I decide who is a true conservative so I say for me Arnies isn't.
My construction stuff is obstructed on all levels by petty minded liberal local pols and I would never use unionised labour nor would any other of my fellow labourers join a union so please feel free to piss off.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Thud ....

That's the best you can do? Insult? How very said.

Thud said...

You uphold a political belief that I find a danger to all I love and hold dear. I accept the result of the ballot box (unlike absentee dem pols in wisconsin)but I have no wish to indulge the foolish and the dangerous in anyway...well except for insults of course what with me being a sad individual....time you were off to huffpo or a code pink rally.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Thud

Where do you infer my political belief in my postings?

I highlighted three obvious flaws in your argument:

- Union thugs fomenting trouble on the street vs. Patriotic Tea Partiers voicing their disagreement.

- Civil servant's and teacher's union bad vs. Police and fire fighter's union good.

- Democrats responsible for the budget problem vs. Republicans cary no responsibilities.

Other than insults you have not been able to provide a single answer. Do you really think implying that I attend code pink rallies is going to solve the questions?

Seems to me it would be about as helpful as me suggesting you're attending a "Sieg Heil Rally" or not? I would say insults are easy but won't solve anything.... think about it.

Thud said...

Anon...more lefty double are what you are, now go play games elsewhere as I've a living to make and you with your devastating logic are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Thud.....

"lefty double talk"? even as far as insults go this is pretty lame, not to mention still no substance.

See that's what's great about a about a blog, you're free to parrot your right wing BS and I'm free to comment.

Thud said...

The great thing about blogs is that I get to connect with decent people at the occasional cost of visits from lefty parasites....the price we pay I suppose.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Thud

I see that you prefer to only communicate with people who agree with your political views, or as you call them "decent people".

First of all I assume that even you can see that your definition of "decent people" is plain silly. Because using your definition it would never be possible to bridge political views since everybody would only recognize people sharing their own view as decent and anybody else as, how do you call them, "parasite". And even from a "parasite's point of view using your definition all other "parasites" would be "decent people".

But aside from that silly definition you seem to be very presumptuous to assume that you would know the political views of all your family members, friends and business acquaintances. Trust me you would be shocked to know how many people close to you might differ on your political views but think it is simply not worth to get into an argument with a relative or friend over politics. That's why it is generally good advise at family gatherings to leave politics and religion out of the discussions.

And think about your little princess. Some day she will be all grown up and will develop her own political views, which could differ from yours, no matter whether you like this or not. Do you really want to call her a "parasite" for this? I certainly would hope no matter what her political views will be you will raise her as a decent person?

Thud said...

My fsmily and friends are my business arsewipe.As for the rest of your lefty drivel,well I've heard it all before over and over again and it always covers the harm you do. Now be a good commie and move along.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Thud

Arsewhipe and commie is the best you can do? How very sad.

Thud said...

If the hat fits.

phlegmfatale said...

I, too, am anxious to see the outcome of the goings-on in Wisconsin. I'm hopeful that there we will see a groundswell wherein there's a return to a little common sense that reels the outlay of public employee benefits back to something more in line with what the private (non-union) sector has to make work, funding-wise. I believe there was a moment in which unions were a vital step forward for the common man, but anymore (as a 19-year old, I was strong-armed into a union that would milk me for two hours' pay every month for the next 9 years, so I KNOW whereof I speak) they are just one more oppressive set of goons who skim the cream, kill profits for companies and generally choke the life out of whatever goose laid the golden eggs. Never mind the eggs if you kill the goose, morons!

I am sad that someone would be so rude to you in your comments as I have read here today. If someone disagrees with me, I find it a lot easier to respect them if they will own their words and identify themselves. I think THAT is the way forward of dialogue-- not hiding behind the spineless veil of anonymity and taking swipes at someone else's intelligence or character.

Then again, I drank the right-wing BS Kool-Aid.