Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Liverpool sights 3

One of Liverpool's more hidden delights is the shopping arcade in India buildings, with India buildings itself a pretty impressive sight with plenty of subtle references to Liverpool's past as the premier trading port of the Empire. The arcade itself is a relic of the time when Liverpool was famous for much more than the unfortunate stories that colour peoples opinion of the city today. The polished marble and granite arcade with its numerous little shops is a pleasant place to spend a little time out of the often blustery weather and for me it served as an entertaining shortcut through town in the days when being in the city seemed to mean everything. It is worth the effort to search out and shows just what can be done to enliven a perhaps mundane purchase...or you could shop in the trashy Liverpool 0ne instead.


Vinogirl said...

And you used to be able to renew your passport in there at the same time...can you still?

phlegmfatale said...

This is quite grand, indeed! I would feel very fancy shopping there. Reminds me of the best of European Galleria shopping... Elegant.