Monday, 7 March 2011

Remember what ?

For a society to function it needs laws, for laws to work they need the agreement of society to be ruled by these laws. For a society to agree, the laws should be fair and equitable. Does anybody in this case think that justice has been served? has society been bettered? If this is the best that British justice can serve up then why should the rest of us conform and toe the line? Poppy day has a special part to play in British national life and to use the excuse of 'free speech' to justify spitting on the memories of those that made the ultimate sacrifice is a disgrace. I have said before that even though the govt says holding a passport makes you British, many of the rest of us believe one has to have some sort of investment and equity in the nation and its traditions. The accused in this case is just another individual that has made use of the safety and freedom provided by his betters to expound further his hateful death cults beliefs.....a balance needs to be restored.


Vinogirl said...


monkey said...

and they wonder why there is anger towards these people. this our country not yours, go home!

DirtCrashr said...

Such vile two-legged excrement should be treated as human fertilizer. An entire generation was lost on the fields of Flanders, they should be so lucky that is all that happens to them and their generation.

Blue Eyes said...

There are two outrageous things about this issue. First is that the perps were only charged with S5 Public Order, when if my reading of the statute is correct it should have been a racially motivated S4A or even a S4.

Second is that despite the rant that the judge issued telling them how offensive they had been he then only fined them £65.

If it was so heinous, your honour, why didn't you fine them the max?

It is also pretty galling that they are both major recipients of welfare largesse.