Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spend Spend Spend

Not much of a surprise I know but it seems most Americans don't wish to cut government spending but they do like Obamas plan to tax the rich. If every penny was confiscated from the wealthiest(and wealth producing) individuals it would fund the deficit for a short time and in the process permanently devastate jobs....but hey, who doesn't like to spend like a drunken sailor? Here in England we are in a slightly better position in that many of us appreciate the need for some sort of financial responsibility....our poor American friends are in for a rough ride and a rude awakening.


Electro-Kevin said...

A friend of mine's wife is American.

He still can't get used to the expenditure.

The kids get three birthday parties each - one for her parents, one for his and one for them alone.

Bonfire night, halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas ... all done on an epic scale.

Spending and wasteful consumption is a status thing for her.

DirtCrashr said...

There's a great deal of Americans who are not status-driven and are frugal, but a British Husband might be seen as quite the exotic status-symbol for many American women of the Jersey Shore ilk.
*We* don't spend excessively at all because we can't - but even if we (or rather the useless Gunbbmint do-nothing drones) took ALL the money the rich have it wouldn't come close to equaling the huge amount that's being over-spent on high-status rubbish like Unionized Euro-Health-Spa-Care - and then there wouldn't be any rich anymore - except for the Politburo folks like Pelosi and Boxer. (We have a lot of millionaire-Socialists here in California, it's really creepy.)
With the "rich" all empty-pockets and the Gubb'mint Pigs feeding it's fat face, none of The Work would get done because it aint gonna do itself for FREE. But none of the goddam Socialists know in the slightest how to run a company or a country. They're chickenshit University squids who've make-up fake numbers to hide their ignorance and never had to make a real payroll or do a real day's labor. I used to be one of them.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm horrified at the excesses of our government and also by the sheer immaturity of all these people who don't think the piper will ever have to be paid. It's going to get ugly, and fast. I'm stocking up on foodstuffs, water and ammo, and canning veg, just in case.