Sunday, 10 July 2011

Limited ambitions

Since it featured on the megamind soundtrack my 4 year old daughter has taken to singing the above song 'crazy train' on our morning school run ( a comment on my driving perhaps?). The artist featured 'ozzy' is not someone I would normally listen to but the track does feature some stunning guitar playing. Many years ago I earned my living as a musician although my guitar skills were of a much more simple kind, and playing like 'Randy Rhoads' would have been beyond me even at my best. For some reason entirely beyond me however, I have decided I'm going to learn how to play the featured tune with rather a lot of help from some clever chaps featured on youtube tutorials....Oh my poor family, it will end in tears no doubt.


Lord Roby said...

You will have to teach me too.Just bought a Grestch TW 500...Mid life crisis you betcha!

Vinogirl said...

Please, don't bring your guitar to Cali!!!