Monday, 8 August 2011

White riot

From several thousand miles away the troubles in London make me ashamed to be English as the media here reports the riots in terms reserved for places like Iraq and Afghanistan. One brief look at the pics associated with the troubles shows however that the troubles are the property of one group of people and one group only. I don't imagine the media or the politicians will dare to face the reality of the truth behind the trouble but I will...these people who burn our country do not share nor ever will they share our values...... They are NOT English....may they burn in hell.


Albert said...

Stop getting wound up, they are only burning their own self inflicted getto's, just send over a few tent's, that should help to keep them quiet, it will remind them of their own screwed up home countries, it's just diversity at it's best, I wouldn't worry as the USA is just a year or so behind us going down the same yellow brick road we've got lost on.

Laura Louise Cox said...

We had riots here last night in Liverpool... I just don't know what to make of it all. Trying to write a post but just don't know what to say... x

Affer said...

The most deafening sound? That of silence: the silence of parents refusing to own up to any responsibility for their failure to impart decent values to their children.

Scum kids of scum families.

Electro-Kevin said...

This is the future.

The Leftists and their poxy lawyers have destroyed Britain.

Lord of the Flies has become reality as many of us said it would.

Electro-Kevin said...

Albert - they are most certainly not burning their own ghettos. They are mobile and are attacking genteel areas, workplaces and ordinary people.

Civilisation on the brink if this gets any worse.

Albert said...

EK, you have to have fire to enable you to rise from the flames, we've all been expecting an "English summer",I think we all knew if the slimes got kicked out, we would get one,if Cameron had a spine instead of a yellow streak he will let plod loose instead of tieing them up with political correctness, the criminal protection services and the judiciary he also needs to be untied to let them do their jobs, while he's at it get out of the EU which is also screwing our 1000year old civil rights up.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Albert - it won't happen.

We're stuck with this, I'm afraid.

The Met Police was the most instrumental organisation in the furtherance and enforcement of Political Correctness.

Now we're all afraid to stand up to young black men - not just because of their physicality but because of the hold they have on the Met Police.

Try stating this truth in fairly reasonable terms in Hackney tonight and see how long it takes them to nick you.

You'd be banged up before you could say n....

Albert said...

It's closing in on us :-)

Smithdown Rd who would have guessed.

Birkenhead 4 arrested for smashing Mac d's window in Grange road.
oh the shame :-) .

phlegmfatale said...

Sickening and heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all the decent people who've been terrorized by this idiotic violence.

Electro-Kevin said...

It's not idiotic.

It's an expression of power as much as it is greed.

The Met Police have been neutralised by Political Correctness and so it takes 16000 of them to control a few hundred wild boys.

This level of policing is unsustainable. The youth know it and have proven that they can take what they want, virtually at will.

I've seen some footage where the police seem to be facilitating the looting - like marshalls at a badly run Ikea sale in a rough area.

No prison space, courts hamstrung by 'human rights' - country broke.

This will repeat again and again.

Albert said...

That's a sad indictment coming from an ex London plod EK, I always blamed the garbage we call police on ACPO and the letting in of the Powerpoint brigade from university into being in charge of people who came up from the ranks after a long apprentiship ,ACPO the company that's run Britain's plod into the ground just for the sake of shaking hands with betty.

Mark ONeill said...

Parents; do you wonder where your 14 year old got his brand new 42" plazma and those 15 mobile phones?
Yes, you, stop being incompetent and keep your marauding kids at home!

Thud said...

I just want them dead.

Electro-Kevin said...

I agree with Thud. Seriously.

Take out their lawyers and apologists too.

Albert said...

According to some tosser on Granda evening news tonight, it's all the fault of Thatcher, the one's that are doing it are the children of Thatchers children, somewhere along the line the idiot has lost his or her calculator.

Albert said...

According to some tosser on Granda evening news tonight, it's all the fault of Thatcher, the one's that are doing it are the children of Thatchers children, somewhere along the line the idiot has lost his or her calculator.

They've tried violence Thud and they've tried to be nice and he only thing left is to call them up and send them to Afganistan as Taliban targets if they survive then send them off to school to learn proppa English as they may have more than one brain cell.

Albert said...

Twice ??

Electro-Kevin said...

It was worth it, Albert.

Anonymous said...

As a Britophile, I share your embarassment, and respect you for it.

Maybe it's time for another Lend a Brit a gun" program? Alas, unless government reverses their cranial-rectal insertion syndrome regarding self-defense in the UK, even that wouldn't work.

Stay here: we can find you a property to rival even your worthy native home. But move away from San Fran into normal American territory--as Northumberland County, VA.


James Higham said...

... or be deported.

Electro-Kevin said...

Fuck me, Leatherneck. It's all your bloody fault ! People here have been using a phrase "We're ignoring the elephant in the room." Without breaching racism laws I shall refer to this from now on as Rap Culture.

A potted history:

- Post war heroes declined to drive buses for a pittance

- the government (rather than raise those wages) imported more working class to lower wages

- the government (hating the indiginous working class) did not insist that the newcomers followed our culture.

- some of the second generation of incomers looked to New York America for style and role models

- then they adopted Rap music about 30 years ago (a mind poisoning substance)

- in the name of equality, education and behavioral standards of nearly all working class teenagers were brought down to the Rap Culture denominator

Rap Culture is at the heart of these problems. Mysoginistic. Racialist. Violent. Hate filled. Drug fueled. Limiting. Mind numbing shite.