Thursday, 17 November 2011

Big hearted

Being the generous chap I am, the lads and I have been busy sorting out a laundry room for Mrs OTW so she can keep herself busy when she isn't doing the myriad other tasks that beset a working mother of three. I suppose jewelry or some such luxury goods would perhaps be a suitable thanks for her hard work but I feel a comfortable environment for her chores is more fitting......if I don't post again she has probably killed me!


Tim Leatherbarrow said...

OOOOhhh playing with fire, Thuddo!... remember to count the carving knives when in the kitchen and use your spatial awareness in case shes got it behind you!

Vinogirl said...

That room looks so much better than it used to...I look forward to washing my smalls there in April :)

Brian said...

A great idea. Everyone needs a hobby :-)