Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Funny frogs

Who would have thought the French had the bottle.....cue the religion of peace.
UPDATE.... I just love being right.


Albert said...

Sounds like someone has already taken offence and took action, oh dear if you can't make people believe, you threaten them, who's turn is it for the white flag, ours or the froggies when it come to the religion of peace.

DirtCrashr said...

Some weird definition of "Peace" the Muzzies have - a bit of something I notice while reading about The Vikings and the Norse Heathen/Pagans in acction, the use of circular logic in their courts and laws was a means to an end, to make the appearance or effect of consensus enforced - really is simply submission to the social-will.

Trubes said...

Methinks you are right Thud, in your views but there is going to be big trouble soon in 'Gay Paree', mark my words!
Hope all is well in OTW, your home is looking quite splendid, well done on such dedication to the restoration...I'm not quite sure what you professionis, but i would have you down as a very talented architect?

Di.xx BTW I am happily blogging again, hope you have time to read my latest..D.x

Electro-Kevin said...

I was a accused of talking 'guff' on John Redwood's site when I mentioned that we're heading towards civil war in Britain.

No. I'm not talking Christians against Moslems (we're too weak) I'm talking Sunni against Shiite.