Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The Gate lodge extension is now watertight and so when work finishes next week on the main house we can get stuck in fitting out the lodge interior. I signed off the plans for the rebuild of the Bothy yesterday and so after the usual bollocks with the planners I will be able to start the bothy rebuild sometime around the 1st of April (an apt date for me and the lads) year looks busy


James Higham said...

The man never rests.

Thud said... about two or so years I plan to do nothing but rest so untill then its seven day weeks.

electro-kevin said...

That's bigger than my house !

Albert said...

Mrs Albert says it looks lovely,the stone will weather in nicely, keep meaning to pop in as we seem to be passing most days but the something always jumps up and stops us and we seem to get back from wherever later.

Thud said... in anytime after next tuesday as we will be finally minus workies in house!

Vinogirl said...

April Fools Day...appropriate indeed!

monkey said...

Looks geat thud, im sure the lads wll beappy its whight as the cold stats to set in.
Dont temp fate vinogirl you will get his mind working over time.