Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Even though Christmas here is shaping up to be rather special I just can't stop thinking that I'd still rather be spending it out in my adopted home of California. Some people may deplore what they see as American commercialisation of the season but to be honest when in America I never feel anything other than happy at the effort people put into making the holiday special. A trip into San Francisco on BART to do a little light shopping (saved by Amazon) is for me a must as is people watching all the bustling crowds in Union square as Macys lights and decorations start to glow as night falls.My hometown has a father Christmas parade with free hot chocolate and cookies for all watchers (try that in Liverpool!) which always seems to be held on an evening when a crisp edge to the air makes a hot drink and winter clothes most welcome.......I must check out my airmiles!


Vinogirl said...

It has been crisp the past couple of mornings, just the way we like it, so it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas :)

About Last Weekend said...

Thanks for popping over. I keep telling myself that in Mediaeval times, people loved to gather at the markets. For me it's partly about seeing loads of people as I miss the crowds of big city life.. we used to live in London.(but not the dog poop)