Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy chinese new year

The little prince OTW is celebrating his first Chinese new year today and he and the rest of us would like to say " gung hay fat choi" to all!
Update...It may appear that my boy is doing Tai chi in the pic, in fact he is balancing himself as at 8 months old he took his first steps today...He's a good boy.


lorraine said...

It is not possible that he is that big already. It seems as if he was just born. Have a great Year of The Dragon!

beast said...

Very nice
I like the Chinese,
Admirable hard working folk
Mr Thud are you a Cufflink? (+;

You have to admire a race that turns up skint , opens restaurants that charge you £50 a head for food that is basicaly cooked in bottled sauce, are rude to you and still prosper
happy new year

Thud said... Liverpool Irish through and through, but the missus is indeed Liverpool Chinese. The chinese family setup reminds me of how things once where for the working class in England....for many now a thing of the past.

Vinogirl said...

His first steps...whoo hoo!
Happy New Year family OTW!

Affer said...

What a great-looking little lad - doing Kung Fu training already by the looks of it. Gung hay fat choi to you too!

Albert said...

He's another one of the family that's growing, just think a few weeks ago he was chewing the door frame to get out now it looks as if he can walk out, happy new year to the OTW family.

beast said...

I cant deal with the whole chinese family thing (long story)
But so seem to have been blessed
Probably why you fled liverpool

I was being enticed to Malaysia by a Dr, her father (also a Dr0 was a nightmare

Have you seen that father Ted with the Chinese?

Thud said...

Beast...the main character was a Chinese scouse actor, as scouse as me in fact.As for Chinese families, I like the values but my in laws understand that we live in England so its a case of when in rome etc.

Albert said...

Beast,I always thought you slowed down blogging because of the good lady doctor, not because of your blogging name change.

Annie said...

Hello, happy to have found you, and Happy Chinese New Year :D

Still laughing at your chicken's and bees comments ... and there was me thinking that milking the bees and shearing the chickens would be the hard part!

Golden West said...

What a fine young lad! He and the girls are growing quickly - happy years to be savored!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Eight months!

Good going. My youngest started walking at nine months, climbing ladders at around fifteen (we were building our house then), and skating at four years.

He is quite some hockey player now!