Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A decent sort

As our political class takes revenge upon the press world for their uncovering of our political masters corruption they would do well to remember just how good and decent some reporters are. I watched and listened to Marie Colvins last dispatch only hours before her death and was yet again impressed with her knowledge, courage and commitment, qualities nearly all our pathetic leaders sadly lack...R.I.P. Ms Colvin


Electro-Kevin said...


Though I think most journalists are OK.

Scrobs... said...

Giles Dilnot was talking to one of her chums, Lyse Doucet, earlier this morning.

Lyse was a very good chum, and had rung Colvin's mum.

It was an incredibly moving news article, and luckily, Giles is a better journalist than the other 'Up all night' guys, so managed to get the best story from another excellent journalist.

About Last Weekend said...

Yes, with newspapers on the wane, especially here in the US there are too few reporters like her. I was happy to see though in the UK there are still 12 nationals and as many sunday newspapers