Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bend and lift

This week has seen with the help of some decent weather progress made on the gate posts and flooring.The cables for the floor mounted electric motors have been laid and the incredibly heavy (as my back will testify) and dense Welsh blue pennant stone laid onto a grano bed. Once the granite setts are laid out we can fix the motors into the ground and finally see some progress on the next sections of the pillars...happy days!


Vinogirl said...

That Welsh stone looks beautiful.

Albert said...

Naughty, was nearly going to run you over this morning, but mrs Albert said shopping then going to get something by Bidston dock, poor old HMS Bronington looks in a right mess, slowly sinking by the head in the dock wonder what Prince Charley would say if he knew his old boat was tied up rotting away.

You didn't let that mad electrician put that armoured cable in did you.

monkey said...

still think you should have dug a moat and put in a draw bridge