Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mt Diablo

Family OTW have settled into our adopted home of Walnut Creek and are just starting to dry out after fleeing our damp and wet spring/summer. Waking up here early is always a pleasure as the retreating pacific fog makes the mornings seem rather English except for the fact that within an hour or so the grey skies will clear and uninterrupted sunshine is the order of the day.....this is how we are meant to live!


Vinogirl said...

Wasn't yesterday gorgeous? 92 here in Napa.

Albert said...

Don't rush back, 24hour Olympics on every tv channel, today the rain fell the sun came out and you suddenly could see down to the Great Orme at West Kirby beach, the rain fell, the sun came out all was well with the world, the rain fell, the sun came out and it's now nearly 9pm and the sky is still clear mind you it's still cold.

DirtCrashr said...

August is prime-time here, and welcome back!