Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Family OTW are accompanied on our trips to California by my aged but still bolshie  mother who demands that I download each weeks episodes of Eastenders for her to watch. The strange thing is I have much to my horror found that I rather enjoy it. Crass and overwrought it may be but I just love its celebration of all things English working class however flawed it may be portrayed. The world of pubs,shops and little houses is the world I spent my life surrounded by and it takes sitting in sunny California for me to remember just how much I love it.....a very strange feeling.

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Albert said...

Sounds like your getting bored with the USofA already, you sad person you, I don't think we have anything as a country anymore to celebrate, apart from if we ever get the chance to sell off the BBC, now that would be a celebration.

Ps madam Albert says your acorns will grow up to be big trees and has a few for you to plantin your grounds.