Saturday, 15 December 2012

Naughty and nice (and even naughtier)

My little uns went to see Santa today and had fantastic time, Santa seemed to enjoy the excitement my children brought with them as well.


Albert said...

Ah!, a visit to the christmas grotto, long time ago, with my boys, by the way big boy says you use a hammer and chisel on your keyboards, madam says kids look lovely and she thinks princess number one has really grown up, how come number 2 decided on a bigger bow than number one.

Thud said...

Albert, there is a fashion arms race going on between the girls to stay well clear.

Electro-Kevin said...

One way of getting the Christmas lists !

Vinogirl said...


About Last Weekend said...

Cutie pies, that big bow on your daughter's hair has made my day.

Electro-Kevin said...

My post about Norm was for Mrs E-K's digestion. (She visits every day)

I need her to know that Norm is officially off the list. She can read the bad news for herself.

The guy has a knife but is sly with it - it's only the person he's sticking it into that ever sees it.

I've had to be patient and draw him out in the open for her to see what I'm talking about and now she's convinced.

He's Mrs E-K's best friend's hubby. I've no time for her either. Both jumped up nasty f*&%s if you want my opinion.

Sorry to defile this lovely post.

Delete this message if you want to.

James Higham said...

Have to admit - the heading sucked me in.