Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Down in the dingle

Apparently Prince Charles had a 'man of the people' moment yesterday while visiting Liverpools Toxteth area. I must tip my hat to Chas because security or not the Dingle is not the easiest place on earth to have a quiet drink. Back in the eighties my mum owned a pub in Dingle (the sixie) and it was a seriously rough place, nothing my rather capable mother wasn't able to handle but it did make for an interesting life.My wine loving sister vinogirl even helped pull a good few pints in our time there, something she no doubt has fond memories of...not!


Electro-Kevin said...

What a past.

The local in our street had a shooting incident in it.

To be fair it wasn't a rough area really.

Vinogirl said...


idle said...

I can just imagine Vinogirl having enthusiastic locals lining up for tutorials on Syrah, and vertical tastings of the great Pauillacs.

Thud said...

Idle, nothing was ever vertical in that pub and VG always had a problem pairing a decent drink with the free pigs trotters provided as bar snacks.

Cumberland Harbour said...

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