Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy days

My house in Walnut Creek California sold today meaning the end of a relationship with Walnut Creek that my family has maintained for several decades. I'm rather sad that the house that holds many memories of my little uns thriving in the warm Californian sun has been sold but for all of us time moves on. Walnut creek is an amazing place and I'll be visiting often but for now Family OTW's Californian journey is at an end. In saying that though I'm already sitting here looking for a new home and project perhaps in the Napa valley....stay tuned!


Electro-Kevin said...

The family KJPs' (non) journey in Howard Close in the Coombe Valley may be at an end too.

Aah ! Such adventurists we are !!!

Thud said...

Are you still moving? I not only live in these places its also how I earn my living so now I need to find a place that will suit both purposes. If you are unlucky I may move down your way as I have lots of family thereabouts I believe.

James Higham said...

So it's Liverpool for now?

Thud said...


Electro-Kevin said...

Moving a few streets away from where we are.

Devon would be great for you but do check it out rather than take my word for it.

It took me a long while to adjust having moved here from Hertfordshire.

In many ways it's a different country (not all of those ways good)and I don't know whether that would hold the same for someone making their move today.

What I like about it ?




What I dislike about it ?



We have our share of chavs and druggies, litter is also a problem in parts. If you have to make a living here it's hard. Even the railway is hard work in these parts.

Vinogirl said...

I'm sad :(

pentooljo vexel said...

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NotClauswitz said...

Woo PentoolJo! Poor girl looks like she's under the dingy fluorescent lights of a North Koran dungeon!

Walnut Creek is preyty upscale now and one of the better bubble-areas, I hope you got a good price!