Friday, 11 January 2013

Lean and hungry

Back in the grim days of a blighted Liverpool circa 1980 penny pinching musos such as myself spent much of the time not gigging or rehearsing, sheltering in Brians café.Brian Mcaffrey an ex boxer of some national fame never seemed to mind the numerous weirdos that lingered for hours over a single cup of tea as he knew that when flush the said weirdos (me too) would splash out on one of his huge plates of sausage egg chips and beans thus making both parties happy. Nowadays the area is full of trendy bars along with coffee and Panini shops, not places conducive to the plotting and planning of world musical domination.....I just liked the chips and beans!


Electro-Kevin said...

So dated.

I was fifteen then. The same age as my boys are now.

Glad you gave up those silly ideas and made a success of yourself another way.

The house purchase is nearly done. Just the buyers of our house to provide references to their mortgage broker (he a fireman, she a nurse so no problem.) The Christmas break intervening.

We already have a tenant on standby and another if she falls through.

Thud said...

Kev, not much else going on in lpool then other than becoming a smackhead or a labourer in London.Congrats on the sale but xmas is a pain as we have a sale going through here and the 3 week holiday nonsense is a drain.

About Last Weekend said...

Me too. I have spent the last ten years in Oakland looking for the same greasy spoon that I used to frequent in Notting Hill (the grimy part of NH) and no luck. Think the white bread here is too sweet for a start. Mind you my local coffee shop (the one at the end of our road) is wonderful in that it attracts the same weirdos every morning, including yours truly.

Thud said...

ALW, don't get vinogirl started on American whitebread (non artisan),it tastes like nasty cake.

Scrobs... said...

Wasn't it Biggus Dikkus, who uttered those words...

"Let me have men about me that are fat,
Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
He thinks too much; such men are dangerous."

You're better off not eating all those beans now Thud!

James Higham said...

Were you back there recently?

Damien said...


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. said...

I went to Liverpool a couple of years ago and some of the streets just "off" Panini Central still look as black and run down as that.

When I lived in Manchester we always said that Liverpool must be what Manchester looked like ten years ago. More like twenty.

I have got along well with most of the Scousers I've met, but I wasn't a fan of the actual place. Sorry.

. said...

Oops that was me.

Blue Eyes

Thud said...

James...had a look around over xmas.
Blues, last few years have changed all the streets to just another modern city, I liked it old and tatty as it reminded me of how it looked when my great grandparents first saw it.As for Manchester, 18 years working there convinced me it has no heart or soul.

Vinogirl said...

Why is the white bread so sweet here? Thank God for Safeway's sweet french bread (only called sweet to differentiate it from sour).
Brian's breakfasts, at any time of day, were epic.
Liverpool is/was not tatty. Instead, distinguished and interesting. I'll always love it, it defo has soul.

About Last Weekend said...

VG: I'm going to try that Safeway's sweet French. Also have you found a substitute for Vogels - Molenberg, a nutty grain without the sweet?

Vinogirl said...

ALW: I despair of American brown bread also...Thud brought me over Hovis flour! (Although Bouchon do a nice brown with walnuts in it and it's not sweet.)