Sunday, 17 February 2013


First sunny day today for longer than I care to remember, the chap above was enjoying it too, the rabbits less so I guess (if he was lucky)


James Higham said...

Not a delightful time for the rabbits.

Vinogirl said...

Good photo.

NHwineman said...

Thud, seems u r your sister's brother! Do u use a German camera?
Looks to be a Buteo of some sort, but I wasn't able to get a field guide to British birds to identify it.
In NH we have several, one which has a taste for snakes, but snakes are not a problem there; right?

Thud said...

Hello NHW. I use whatever cast off cameras my sister throws my way as I'm not at my best with artistic endeavours! the bird is a common buzzard our second largest bird of pray and the only problem with snakes here is that they are invisible...ha!