Friday, 1 March 2013


My girls are just as keen as the boy to join in with my work (as a result some days whilst fun are not very productive unless you count laughing  a lot as the guide to a good days work.) but the other day they decided to stay in and help bake snickerdoodles and they made a pretty good job of it....great, except its lent and I'm out of luck on the biccy front!


Vinogirl said...

Cool, when I'm home we can whip up a batch of my Chinese Five Spice cookies together.

About Last Weekend said...

Look at those smiles. And they have the cute pinnies and all. The only times my kids bake we are treading on half cooked dough for days. Good on you for still doing lent, I should do something! A friend of mine (who is actually not even Catholic) has given up Facebook. This is pretty major as she and her husband each post around five times a day (yes, I know...)

electro-kevin said...

What beautiful girls.

Daddy will be fighting the suitors off !