Wednesday, 22 January 2014


A bit of a slow start on the blogging front this year but workwise things have been moving on nicely. As the pic shows we made a fireplace this week and it should I hope be in place by this weekend. My long laid plans for retiring from my present profession should come to pass sometime this coming autumn and then.........? I've never been unemployed or idle before and the thought of being so rather scares me and so I've given much thought as to what my next move will be. I did offer this week to buy part of the masons yard I've been working out of but if a deal can be struck I'm not sure it is enough to fill up my time and satisfy whatever it is that makes A property that requires major upkeep combined with a new baby and three very young children combine to take the edge off my ambitions but I have to do something as doing something, making anything makes me who I am. So the quest continues as I reckon I have enough oomph left in me for one or two more adventures yet.


Vinogirl said...

Looks good.

Vinogirl said...
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Scrobs... said...

Just start gardening!

I'll send you some beans and you'll be away, and so will the children!


haddock said...

I'll give it a year or two before you find a building in need of a bit of TLC......"just one more"

Thud said...

Haddock....that's what I'm afraid of...ha! mind you the prospect wouldn't be too worrying as long as I don't spend another winter working outside.

Electro-Kevin said...

No end in sight for me as regards retiring.

Not that I'd give up work either but it would be nice not to be so dependent on it.

My plan is to get the boys through their first degree and then review my situation after that.

Never has an alarm going off at 03.20 felt so cruel.