Saturday, 5 April 2014

Home from home

Its been a year now since I sold my home in Walnut creek California, a smallish town in San.franciscos bay area. My wife and I enjoyed a few months a year appreciating all that California has to offer (in my case sun and ice cream) and strongly considered a permanent move for our growing family. For reasons too numerous to mention (cultural and financial) we decided our future for now lies in England and so the house had to sadly go. This summer however we are spending seven weeks in California split between W.C. and a rental in Napa, a great road trip to Utah and my big sis is also on the cards. There are many reasons to worry for Californias future and when we considered settling there, politics and culture played upon our thoughts often, now as tourists again I must admit the lighter load makes the prospect of the visit even more another 14 weeks hard graft here and the golden state here we come!


Scrobs... said...

Good for you and Mrs Thud and all your Thudlettes!

I've always like your idea of a few weeks away after working your socks off like you guys do!

Vinogirl said...

Safeway's stock just shot up at the prospect of selling so much Ditch Chocolate ice cream this summer!

Vinogirl said...

Ha! That would be Dutch not "Ditch".

Elizabeth said...

When you come to Walnut Creek, you need to go to Lottie's Ice cream shop. It's pretty amazing :)
I'll be heading to England in July for a short visit to see my daughter in London town :)

Trubes said...

How lovely a trip to California, and a visit to see your sister, she'll be thrilled to see your lovely little family and of course, you and Mrs Thud (I do wish I knew your real names, I feel a bit silly calling you Thud)
I guess there will be lots of clinking of glasses in the Napa Valley.

Have you any more projects for when you return ? I look forward to reading more,
Have a wonderful holiday,
Take care,

Electro-Kevin said...

Do they have McDonald's there ? I can't wait for them to arrive in Britain.

Thud said...

mickey d's better here, chick fil a good though.