Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nice cuppa

Caught on camera here is that most rare of English workie! Happiest when drinking tea this most delicate of creatures has to be gently nurtured to get the best from but if lubricated with cha and occasionally threatened remarkable results can be achieved (this one is training to be a police officer god save us!) The back footings of what was once a cattle byre had been washed away by faulty drains over the years and so we decided to rebuild adding two spare windows we had, increasing the natural light in what was a rather pokey building. Upon finish the back of byre may at a future date become a small brewery....we shall see.


Trubes said...

Aye there's nothing like a cuppa to keep a worker going..
A small brewery, Crikey, what a brilliant idea,
if you have a brewery you will have to have a little pub on the front of it to purvey the brew. My first husband was a brewer and was responsible for creating an interesting barley wine brew, which could blow your head off! Sadly he passed away 7 years ago,

Hope all is well on the estate and family too xx
love Di xx

Vinogirl said...

Wow, that came together pretty quickly.
A brewery eh? Whatcha gonna call it? The Bluebell?

NotClauswitz said...

They never put in enough windows the first go 'round, always doin' it on the cheap...