Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Eat, drink,drink more, be merry.

Mince pies are baked, eggnog is made (caught the taste for it on American Christmas visits) and thudlings excited ....all good here, how about you?


Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks for that, Thud.

Happy Christmas to you and your lovely, gun totting family.


About Last Weekend said...

Love a good mince pie, even the cheap bought ones r good. Merr christmas!

Vinogirl said...

Mince pies made, but making more :)

Michael said...

Happy Christmas, Thud, and all your family!

James Higham said...

Have a Merry Christmas to you and family, Thud.

NotClauswitz said...

Merry Christmas Thud-gunny!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Merry Christmas from New England!
Thanks for the beautiful music.
Here's one I hear today: