Monday, 20 April 2015

Sons of liberty or maybe not.

In a moment of weakness I found myself watching the history channels series on the American war of independence called 'the sons of liberty' The AWI is a complicated subject and much of the research and literature into it has been written from an American perspective as being the victors they have the most interest in reflecting upon the event. This series however was unreal! it could safely have been called 'teenage mutant ninja founding fathers' I found myself drawn further into the horror that unfolded as the evil Nazis, I mean Brits goose stepped their way upon the rights of the poor British subjects....erm Americans killing and beating with gay abandon. The poor downtrodden Americans when not abusing property rights,tar and feathering anybody who chose to pay their taxes and live within the law acted like gangsters spending most of their time drinking and bodice ripping.All in all a very modern one dimensional whinge fest with a large amount of chest beating thrown in that did a great disservice to the monumental events of 1776....oh well its Mexicos' problem now not ours.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Thud: The history channel is about appealing to our common-core educated population of dissipation and superficiality; "whinge" well describes 'us'
If you haven't seen John Adams, you might appreciate it more:

Thud said...

Dennis, I did watch John Adams and thought it approached the subject with enough gravitas whilst still entertaining.