Thursday, 18 June 2015


A week ago I retired, not semi retired as I did in November but out,finished,done! The first week has been somewhat strange with a busy domestic schedule (pesky little uns) coupled with some feeling of trepidation as to how my future works out.I'm hoping to just work on buildings and land here for the next 18 months while my wife and I try to plan for the next ten years.I know planning for such a period may seem a little strange to some people but its how we have always done things and it seems to a reasonable degree to work for us.After the 18 months who knows? perhaps I'll try to get this clever chap out of retirement to work on this with me.....or maybe I'll spend more times working on my Ramones riffs....for me a harder task than it would at first seem.


SippicanCottage said...

Thud! Buckfield? That's about 40 minutes from here, which around here is considered "nearby". Very rural, that. Cute little village in the center of town. Whoever currently owns that house should be publicly maimed for putting vinyl siding on it. The inside hasn't been ruined, thank goodness, just neglected. Neglect is so much easier to fix than remuddling. I must have worked on a hundred Georgian houses like that one back in the day (in Massachusetts).

Oh, I'd help you restore that place. We could finally get our Badfinger tribute band off the ground.

Scrobs... said...

Sorry to hear that the weatherboarding is PVC, Thud, but that's your first job isn't it!

Also, it cries out for some of those fabulous bargeboards you made, and also some decent picket fencing!

Good luck in your real retirement too! Since January, we just haven't touched the ground with the grandchildren, garden and house - and allotment of course!

Albert said...

First of all let those kids out of that chicken run, secondly do I really believe you will retire and do something else NO I don't, stop messing about and find another local building that you can put your "artistic temperament" into, the area needs the likes of idiots sorry people like you and mrs Thud with the kiddywinks to keep the area "lived in", so stop dreaming of the USA and get on with it, are you any good at renovating lightships.

lee woo said...

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