Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Do the math(s)

The first couple of weeks of my retirement have coincided with a visit from my kid sister Vinogirl which means a fun time for all here over the water.Today we visited Meols beach in an attempt to escape the very pre thunderstorm muggy weather. whilst not the most scenic of beaches it does have a vast amount of clean sand and so it was perfect for the little ones to enjoy themselves even if it did consist of lessons in basic trigonometry.........never too young to learn!


Albert said...

The beach as seen from the camera's, it's history goes back to Roman times and the wreckers of the 1700s had many a good haul, oh! and the Viking ship burial is still in situ underneath the "Railway" pub carpark

or Wirral as seen from the camera's around the shore's and the Mersey.

You really going to retire, I'll give you 3 months and you will end up finding something to destroy/repair/rebuild/renovate/paint, do we believe you, nah, those two buzzards in your tree's will swoop down and have to take a nibble of your ear before you hang up yard brush and trowel, enjoy your holidays/vacation and I hope Vinogirl is enjoying her vacation and has had loads of enjoyable time with her nephews and nieces.

Vinogirl said...

I had fun on the beach, good way to finish my hols.