Friday, 31 July 2015

Summers past.

75 years ago this was happening,food for quiet reflection and grateful thanks.


Electro-Kevin said...

Reading books some of the fighter pilots loved the war - they'd be the ones that survived. The bomber crews, however...

Thud said...

True Kev and in some circles the bomber crews viewed as war criminals...not by me .

Vinogirl said...

Reading the accounts of what those gallant young men went through to protect Britain gives me chills.

Trubes said...

There was a wonderful docu/drama about a Spitfire pilot
Geoffrey Wellum, and his memoirs of The Battle of Britain.
He joined the RAF in 1939 just before his 18th birthday.
He talked eloquently about what it was like to fly the Spitfire and his evident pride in serving his country.

It was so touching, reminded me of Churchill's speech,
"Never in the field of human conflict
was so much owed by so few".

This was the pivotal battle with the German Luftwaffe, that prevented a German invasion of the UK.
Had it not been for the brave Spitfire pilots and Bomber command
I doubt that I would be sitting here now, writing this!
Di xx

Michael said...

The RAF had some great strategists back then.

The 'Big Wings' out of Norfolk were barnstormers! I recall that one squadron was called to 'scramble', and they only had one serviceable Spitfire, and he went off on his own!

For a great story, the biography of Bob Stanford-Tuck is a marvellous read! It's called 'Fly for your life', and I've read it countless times - even as recently as Spring this year!

Thud said... to amazon I go.

haddock said...

Plenty of errors were made, fighters were easy meat as they climbed out from their airfields near the coast, far better to have them based north of the Thames so that they could climb to have the height advantage without having the threat of enemy fighters. Airfields near the coast are great for offence but near suicidal for defence.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Watched an excellent drama documentary the other night 'FIRST LIGHT!' about one of the youngest Spitfire pilots during 'The Battle!'.....I went to one of the missus's bands gigs a few months ago and behind the stage at an airfield was a real life ,honest to goodness SPITFIRE ,i was stunned ,totally gobsmacked....Opened the cockpit and sat in it , i wwas in heaven!

haddock said...

First Light

Thud said...

Thanks H!

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