Monday, 12 October 2015

Do the bop again.

I spent my late teenage years fleeing from grim reality by playing at being a musician as it seemed the sensible thing to do in the rather dour and blighted Liverpool of the time.As a fan of bands from New York (Dolls,Ramones) I picked a name for my band that seemed to me to be gritty and cool at the same time (teenagers huh!).The name Ellery bop was supposed to be the name of a 50's street gang and given my rather cantankerous disposition I thought it apt and away we went.35 years later I came across the pic shown, the two smart little gents are shown sometime I presume in the 50's standing against a wall graffitied with the very Ellery bop gang tag I had adopted many years later, inconsequential I know but isn't the internet a wonderful thing?


Michael said...

Assuming neither of these lads is you, Thud, will you put some more stuff on Youtube please?

Years ago, in a genre far away from yours, I used to eat my sandwiches in a car park in Greenwich, and the big word graffiti on the wall was 'Genesis' It has to be there still as there's only paint now, so is well covered up!

Don't times change...

Trubes said...

Interesting Thud, you sure are a man of many facets!
Like the suited and booted little gents, so cute!
Did you ever get to perform at any gigs ?

love Di xx

Thud said...

Trubes, we toured,made records, the whole band thing! it was better than working for a living....I made up for it later.

Vinogirl said...

OMG. I can't describe how fabulous this photo makes me feel. Good times, long live Ellery Bop!