Friday, 11 March 2016


The pic below shows my Fathers old Liverpool police truncheon, a weapon (sort of!) he called his 'twig'.The truncheon is made of ebony or some such hardwood and I suppose could in the right hands inflict some damage.I myself took a few digs in the ribs from one in my younger years...not from my father I must add! The Liverpool police were armed with this relic when facing the mass violence of the Toxteth riots something that contributed to their rather large casualty rate.Things have changed now and our police resemble robo cop even when going about their ordinary business a necessary evil I suppose.I recorded a single with my little beat combo at the time about  the riots and it was a minor indie hit for us which was cool I suppose mind you selling a few thousand copies of anything from Liverpool wasn't that hard then.....a little bit of vinyl history I suppose.


Albert said...

I was in the Specials and although I had a lighter coloured truncheon, I much preferred the issued mac, when it rained you were dry and when it was windy and cold it kept you warm and when you were at a footy match you could hose it down after they spat at you from the terraces and when you went in to stop trouble it became plate armour and hurt the person who was trying to harm you and the spit would go all over them, a mac of many uses, the only thing it couldn't do was stopping the police dogs nipping at your heels as they tried to get into the melee, you would hear shout from the cops, will you control your dog he flippin biting me, tell him to move over and give us space, if you don't stop biting me, I won't feed you again, many a time heard at the Birkenhead summer fairs

Vinogirl said...

Great tune.

Electro-Kevin said...

I still have mine.

The injuries taken by the rozzers wasn't down to the truncheon (a good bit of kit) but down to the lack of protective clothing, armour and shields.

The wooden stick with the round shield was almost as good an accompaniment as your band.

I never actually hit anyone with mine despite being on a riot squad in various London hotspots.