Saturday, 30 July 2016

Safe space

The rodeo I attended a few days back with my American family was for me yet another example of America at its finest.The audience,the competitors and the whole dusty hot atmosphere make the rodeo along with seeing LFC at Anfield one of my favourite passtimes.The opening speech and communal prayer (8500 people) alone would have made a leftie weep but for me it sums up all that is good wonder all I meet are pretty disgusted at having to pick between Trump and Hillary....for once I am rather happy with Britains low key choices.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Welcome to 'fly-over country'! Well said!

Vinogirl said...

Made me weep :)

Michael said...

I think that Trump will win, because Billary has such awful connotations with a 'wannabe' Clinton 'dynasty', which is just not as slick as the Kennedy crowd. I'd never put a vote on a liar's family.

The Donald just says it as it is, and if you like him, or you don't, he at least wants to promote America as a leading country, whereas Billary is just another ordinary politician, and not very capable as well.

Mind you, I voted for Brexit so I'm a very happy Scrobs indeed!

Enjoy your stay in CA, Thud, and come home safely with your lovely family!

Electro-Kevin said...

I love America and her big skies. I think Trump. At least he'll be reined in by Congress and the 'civil service' (whatever) and be friendly to Britain.

He won't have the finger on the button as Billary claims. (I instincively hate her.)