Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hows that 1776 working out for you?

Sitting around the pool doing bugger all today I spent some time musing on all that I have seen and heard here on my American travels in the last few weeks.It has been 2 years since my last visit, a period of time longer than any in decades...but what a 2 years.Listening to people and watching the news I'm quite shocked and saddened at the way in which the country I have loved second to my own has seemingly come apart at the seams.The amount of hatred here between the left and right,black and white,gay and straight is shocking and unfixable. This hatred coupled with a Govt and president that now with its politicised judicial system operates at a third world level has left the country a shadow of its former self.....and that's before the Trump and Hillary show! On a magnanimous lighter note I'd like on behalf of her Majesty the Queen (I'll tell her later) to offer America the chance to rejoin the fold......welcome to the Anglosphere guys.Now Britain has regained its borders,reduced our native socialists to a rabble rump and elected a solid decent female P.M. (take that Hillary) don't you think its time to come home? 1776 isn't that long ago in the scheme of things and if you just hand over Hawaii for its beaches and maybe Maine for snow(we'll take you too Sipp) you are as you (ex) colonials say...good to go! just think, no more Emperor Obama,...just that nice old lady Queen Liz and her ever entertaining spouse Phil the Greek......oh and Scotland gets Trump! cup of tea and a crumpet anyone?


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Your observations are well taken, and certainly our very own Imam-in-chief hones his skill at dividing and Balkanizing America, but it appears the Queen has her own problems; here are two of many:(hopefully one of these links work)

Speech police
Voter fraud

Speech police
Voter fraud

Michael said...

The BBC won't agree, Thud.

Sorry an' all that, but the thickos will all listen to them and their shrieks, and think they're right.

Sad, innit.

Thud said...

Denis...that's London which has as much to do with England as mecca! the major can say as he pleases but thr courts will throw it out...job done.

NotClauswitz said...

Can you get India back into that mix, I want to be a Bengal Lancer!

Vinogirl said...

Titter, titter :)

Electro-Kevin said...

Plus she sounds like Jenny Agutter (our PM.)

Ever since American Werewolf in London I've had a fetish for it.