Sunday, 28 August 2016

Where's the meat?

This house is being built on a plot around the corner from my sisters in Napa and it is a plot I looked at for myself a while back.Its not a large plot and faces onto a road so I decided against it. The buyer/builder here doesn't seem to mind any of this as they are building close to the road and as big as possible (too big for lot?). After all my years visiting and living out here I cannot get used to the building with sticks and flimsy board....I need solidity for my money! I know why they do and I understand the differences between here and home but......I need solidity for my money! it seems you can't teach an old dog new tricks in my case.


Vinogirl said...

And it went up so quickly.

Thud said...

you could put it together with staples and school glue!

NotClauswitz said...

We used to have a much more thriving timber industry that was very solid, German-barn solid, with timbers for building railroads and beams that would crush a person - till the hippies ruined the Northwest economy with fake science about a semi non-existant bird. Wood also flexes better in an earthquake, although modern zoning codes do a lot to solve that. Wood today is farm-raised and made with engineering processes, glued-up and laminated with all kinds of "stranded" layers of junk. Old Sonoma brick didn't fare too well in the last shaker.