Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Go Johnny go.

As I have posted before I have always been a great fan of the Ramones having seen them numerous times from their first British tour onwards. When I was a musician I played in my own way and never paid much attention to the way in which the Ramones as musicians performed. I'm much older now and as is the way with age I have been paying more attention to events in my past and thus playing the Ramones has become a daily occurrence for me. The availability of clips on you tube has made me appreciate more than ever the bands performances, Johnny Ramone in particular. Most fans know Johnny played a pretty crappy guitar (mosrite ventures) bought for 60 dollars or so and stuck with it through his entire career. As a project this winter (less work outside...yippee!)  I have bought a kit that will enable me to construct a copy of said be prepared for some pretty dull posts, if you don't like The Ramones that is!


Vinogirl said...

May have only cost 60 bucks, but he made it sound like it was worth a million!

James Higham said...

Something to do once the warm California Sun fades.