Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hunkering down

Shopping with my wife was enlivened this morning by a fierce storm blowing into the mouth of the Mersey off the Irish sea. Parking in the supermarket car park with waves breaking over the seawall and onto the cars rather made my day, my wife however gave me a 'why are we not living in California' look....oh well!


Michael said...


Do the ferries operate in that?

Thud said...

Scrobs...I don't think so but I did see a pilot boat fighting its way out.

Vinogirl said...

It was a-stormin' here too, well, California style :)

Trubes said...

Happy days,
I used to live almost in New brighton when I was first married,
and remeber many scenes like that,
A girl I worked with, her husband was a River Pilot and often he
would ring her to say that he couldn't get of the ship he was piloting
out of the river, because of rough seas. I remember once he was in Rotterdam so he had
to fly home.
he sure had an interesting job.

Kind Regards.
Di, xx